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Virginia Exterior Products: Putting its Reputation on the Line One House at a Time


I’m coming up on my one-year mark of being a full-fledged Richmonder. I’ve toured the VMFA as well as all of the other incredible museums, gardens and trails. I’ve tried all of the food hot spots, and I’ve even gotten some ink in this small tattoo capital. I’m beginning to feel like a true RVA local. With my first anniversary of life in the area on the horizon, it has me thinking about planting roots and finally becoming a homeowner.

Renting certainly has its perks, but Richmond has consistently held a high spot in the housing markets, and it’s a great city to have a place to call your own. I’ve looked at houses all over the city, and I always get hung up on the remodeling aspect of home ownership. As a would-be new homeowner, I’m trying to stay away from the common pitfalls that come with remodeling.

One of the larger, and more important, decisions comes down to what’s on the outside – that first look at a house. Most people would tell you that having a good exterior will do a lot for your home’s value, as well as for the neighborhood’s. George Yesbeck, Jr. of Virginia Exterior Products shared with me what homeowners have to look out for when considering remodeling. “The most common oversight is shopping around for price and product, but not really having a complete grasp on the proper installation guidelines that are required for a professional job”.

Yesbeck’s family-owned and -operated company has been remodeling homes in the Richmond area for over 55 years, and he’s seen how professional exterior work up front will help homeowners for the short term and for their house’s lifespan.

Yesbeck works with James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology on most of their exterior remodels. The process of applying consistent coats of color gives the siding a closer appearance to wood than vinyl, and it also helps to withstand the elements, including the humidity that plagues most Richmond homeowners.

I’ve also bought into the Richmond mentality of eating, drinking and shopping local. It’s clear that the benefits of that ideal extend to home remodeling. Yesbeck takes pride in his family’s work, “The reality is, I’m not just selling; I have a vested interest in doing a good job,’’ he explained. “Our reputation is on the line. Our professional training will benefit the homeowner in the long run, after all that’s what’s kept us around for 55 years”


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