TasteBudz Plus — February 15, 2018

As I’ve made my way around town, I discovered and/or rediscovered some cool little spots. Now, I don’t’ want to brag, but I’m always such a sharing person. If you’d care to share your finds with me, I’d be very appreciative.

MY WILDEST FANTASIES: I have to admit that I’ve never understood fantasy sports. Maybe it’s because I’m not the most athletic guy in the world, but I’ve never had a fantasy about playing a sport. However, I have fantasized about big screen TVs and big burgers. So, on that count, Pop’s Bar Bar & Grill at 210 Giant Drive, just off Midlothian across from WWBT, is a cool spot. I popped in on a very chilly, damp afternoon this week, but the outdoor bar area looks pretty cool. Eric Cummings, the GM says that as the weather warms, plans are to turn the large space into a mini Innsbrook-like music venue. There are definitely enough TVs to keep anyone happy and if you understand fantasy sports, you’re bound to like what you see.

FEEL THE VIBES: Speaking of sports, I was over at Max’s Positive Vibes Café in the Stratford Hills Shopping Center this week. They’re promoting their 6th Annual Coaches’ Cookoff coming up on April 19. I have a feeling that if you don’t get your tickets soon, you might not get in on the action The cookoff pits UR’s Chris Mooney against VCU’s Mike Rhoades on the kitchen stage in The Dewey Gottwald Center at the Science Museum of Virginia. This is a great opportunity to enjoy an awesome array of heavy hors d’oeuvres, culinary treats, and cold beverages, while the action unfolds on stage. For ticket info, click here.

WATCH THIS: First Watch, which bills itself as The Daytime Café, is about to open its first Richmond restaurant. I hear more are on the way. I’ve enjoyed their fresh approach to breakfast (they do lunch, too) in their Newport News and Kissimmee Florida locations. I’ll admit they have the knack of making healthy taste good. The coffee’s good, too. The First Watch Café at 1403 W. Huguenot Road is scheduled to officially open this Monday (February 19). Off the record, I hear that additional locations are planned for the Metro Richmond area.

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COCKTAILS FOR DOS: I was over at Kuba Kuba Dos at 403 N, Ridge Road this week. That’s a cool, colorful little restaurant. GM Craig Davis tells me that his head bartender Amanda Phillip is working on a new cocktail menu, which the restaurant should be unveiling within the next couple of months. He says that they will announce the new concoctions on their Facebook page when they’re ready to be served.

FRUGAL FOODIE: As you know, we’re always sniffing around for good, budget-friendly specials at local area restaurants. One of my favorite Burger Night deals is at Star-lite Dining and Lounge at 2600 W. Main. Their burger night is Thursday and all burgers are half-priced.

AND NOW FOR A LITTLE NIGHT MUSIC: Here’s a rundown of some of our favorite music spots around town along with some of our favorite entertainers.

Thursday (2/15)

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Wine Loft – 8 p.m. If Kari Smith wasn’t so darn good, I wouldn’t be forced to include her virtually every week. But if you haven’t caught her show, you’re really missing a great talent. The Wine Loft is a beautiful venue, as well.

Friday (2/16)

Club Midway – 8:30 – If you love the British Invasion, you’ll love everything that The English Channel does (do?)

JJ’s Grille – 8 p.m. – The Jangling Reinharts. Great band –they do a lot of covers, which I what I love to hear.

O’Toole’s – 8 p.m. – John Featherston

Saturday (2/17)

JJ’s Grille – 8 p.m. – One of Richmond’s favorites – Pat O’Brien

Sunday (2/18)

Isley Brewing – 2 p.m. – One of my very favorite performers, Markiss Blowfish, will be

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entertaining at Isley’s Acoustin Sundays. You absolutely do not want to miss this one.

Okay, now I’ve gone and made myself hungry.  Let’s go eat. If you  have any restaurant news, email me at Tastebudz@RichmondNavigator.com

Steve Cook
Author: Steve Cook