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TasteBudz Plus –April 5, 2018

There’s so many ways to eat our way around the state this weekend and if the weatherman cooperates, you may even be able to incorporate some cross-country skiing into the mix. Now, let’s get started with TasteBudz Plus – and the emphasis is on the plus this week.

TOP DOG: First things first, I discovered a new (to me) hot dog place this past week and I’d have to agree with many of our readers who wrote to tell us how much they love Sam’s Hot Dog Stand at 9502 Chamberlayne Road in Mechanicsville.

I joined our photographer Dave Masucci during a photo shoot (and hot dog eat) at the bright, cozy and friendly little hot dog restaurant and I have to say that I love it. I loved the hot dog with sauerkraut, which was accompanied by owner Judy Williams’ homemade potato salad. The hot dog was delicious. The potato salad was deliciouser. Judy and her husband Scott run the restaurant.

My favorite weiner was the chili dog. Sam’s is a franchise operation and Judy says that one of the things that most attracted her to the company was the chili. It was exceptional.

The restaurant is probably not more than five or six minutes from Parham and Route 301, so it’s close enough even if you don’t live in or near Mechanicsville.

SAY CHEESE: Did you know that April is National Grilled Cheese Month? How are going to

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celebrate? My suggestion is to check out Home Sweet Home at 3433 W. Cary St. These people have turned the grilled cheese sandwich into an art form with such varieties as the Upstate (super sharp Vermont cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, and gala apple on honey wheat with a side of maple syrup), River City (pimento cheese, dill pickles, and shaved country ham on white) and the Chesapeake (crab dip, spinach, and sharp cheddar on white) plus several other offerings. And, yes, you can order it with a side of tomato soup. If you have any other favorite grilled cheese sandwich shops, let me know.

NEW HANOVER RESTAURANT LANDS NEAR THE AIRPARK: In the current issue of Hanover Lifestyle Magazine we mentioned that Industrial Taphouse would soon be opening at 10392 Leadbetter Road, near the Hanover Industrial Airpark. Sarah Chapman who owns the restaurant along with her husband Jeremy, tells me that the restaurant will be having a soft opening this weekend. The Taphouse, which will offer a classic American menu with plenty of gluten-free and vegetarian options, will be opening its doors for lunch at 11 tomorrow (April 6). There’ll be plenty of beer options, too. Sarah says about 24 taps for local, craft and a few domestics. Read more about the restaurant in the March/April Hanover Lifestyle Magazine, which is also available online at

SAY PIZZA: Just a reminder, The Hop Craft Pizza & Beer at 1600 W. Cary St. opens tomorrow (April 6). This is going to be a cool, “hopping,” little pizza joint.

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WEEKEND EVENTS: There’s so much going on this weekend. For once, I’m not singing, “Let it snow. Let it snow. Let it snow.

Yes, it is Art: Tonight Gallery Flux (3078 England Street in Ashland) will be holding their monthly first Thursday opening and reception. This month they’ll be featuring new works by Colorado artist Elizabeth Kinahan. The event begins at 5:30 p.m.

Spring Fling: One of my favorite local entertainers (and all-around good person) Kari Smith told

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me about an event this Saturday in Mechanicsville. It’s Spring Fling on the Ave! at 6509 Mechanicsville Turnpike. There’ll be a bake sale, corn hole, and a lot more going on at this Mechanicsville boutique. BTW, Kari will be appearing tonight at the Wine Loft from 8 until 10.

He Said She Crab: Here’s one that may be worth driving to Virginia Beach for. It’s the East Coast She-Crab Soup Classic presented by the Culinary Institute of Virginia. Restaurants serve their individual recipes and compete for People’s Choice Awards, determined by the ballots of those attending. The event takes place Saturday (April 7) at noon at the 24th Street Stage in Virginia Beach.

New Brew(ery): Hardywood Park opens its West Creek brewery officially this weekend. Check their website for details.

Tater Sighting: The Taters will be performing at the Party With a Purpose to Benefit Richmond Friends of the Homeless on Saturday, April 7 at the Cultural Center of India , located at 6641 Ironbridge Pkwy.

NO FOOD, BUT STILL KINDA COOL:  Richmond Navigator’s very own Ryan Hooley, a crack graphic designer, has gotten over a million views for an animated Friends (the old TV show) thingie he did for their Facebook Page. Check it out.

That’s going to do us for today. Send us your cool restaurant news and happy dining experiences. Our email is

Now, let’s go eat something.


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