Personalized Care in a Small-Community Atmosphere


“Will you take care of my mother?” That, says Kathie Hathcock, administrator at Hanover Manor, is the number one question asked by families who recognize that their aging parent has special needs that cannot be cared for at home and who seek a facility to provide such care. Hathcock, a nurse for over 40 years, has been at Hanover Manor, an assisted living community located at 809 Thompson Street in Ashland, since it opened its doors in 1992.

“When I look you in your eye and tell you that your mom or dad will be taken care of, you don’t have to worry. He or she will not only be cared for, they will become like members of our family.”

Hathcock describes Hanover Manor as a small facility (40-bed capacity) in a small town. And that’s exactly what makes it the first choice among many area residents.

It’s the small-community feel that creates such a close bond that the residents form with one another as well as with a caring, professional staff.

Hathcock gives much of the credit to that staff. “Some have been with us since day one,” she says. Most have been here for over ten years. Each member of our staff loves what they do and it shows.”

If you are looking for a community where your parent will not only be cared for but will feel welcomed, here are some things you might want to know about Hanover Manor.

The facility offers services based on the needs of each resident. In fact, prior to admission, Hathcock will not only take the prospective resident and his or her family on a tour of the community, but will also do a thorough assessment to determine the needs of the individual. “We don’t take a new resident simply because we have a bed to fill,” Hathcock says. “We ensure that we can fully give that resident the care he or she needs and deserves.”

The ongoing wellness of each resident is paramount. There are nurses on duty 24/7 and the staff is fully trained to administer all required medications. Medical doctors visit regularly including a podiatrist.

Of course other needs are also cared for. Hanover Manor offers around-the-clock care, which includes all meals as well as housekeeping services and full maintenance services. As for activities, Hathcock says there is something going on from about nine in the morning ‘til dinner time each day including weekends. “Bingo is the biggest attraction,” she says, adding that there are several Bible studies as most area churches are very involved.

Hanover Manor also offers a dementia facility in its adjacent Alpha House. Hathcock offers some timely advice for any who are beginning to see indications signaling the onset of dementia in a parent.

“The sooner you can get them into a routine, the better. The longer one waits, the more agitation the parent is likely to feel.” She explains that as the dementia progresses, the individual becomes more apprehensive when you put them into a new environment where they’re seeing all new faces. At Hanover Manor’s Alpha House, she says, the staff is trained to help maximize the comfort level of the residents.

Regardless of the degree of care that your parent requires, chances are that Hanover Manor can provide such care in a friendly, nurturing, small-town atmosphere. One of the biggest assets that Hanover Manor has to offer is its administrator, herself. Hathcock says, “I’m very hands-on. I’m going to be involved in the day-to-day care of your mother or father. This is personal with me. My hearts in it.”

To arrange a tour of Hanover Manor or for additional information, visit online at or phone 804-368-0110.

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