It’s a Dirty Job, But Somebody Loves to Do It

Getting all the necessary gear together and washing your car is probably not at the top of your To Do list, especially this time of year. It’s not a subject that we even give much attention to, except when our car is filthy, which it often is, especially this time of year.

While most of us don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about washing cars, it’s a subject that Max Koehler, who has recently opened WashYourWayRVA car wash near Innsbrook, has been thinking about ever since his college days in North Carolina. That’s when he took a part time job with a popular car wash business and got hooked.

Now, you might be wondering just what is the hook? Max explains that from the start, “I was always trying to figure out how to do things better. I always had my heart in (the business).”

I have a feeling after having spent an hour or so visiting with the West End businessman, that what really excites Max is good customer service. Washing cars is just the vehicle he uses to provide that service. 

So, if you’ve been seeking a truly professional car wash coupled with exceptional customer service, my advice is to head into WashYourWayRVA Car Wash at 4040 Sadler Road.

In determining how to improve the car wash business, Max discovered the importance of giving customers the options they desire in order to wash their car in the way that they want. Not everyone needs full service, he says. “Sometimes a customer just wants a quick exterior wash.”

So, when you visit WashYourWayRVA, you really do get to have it washed your way. Your experience begins with an attendant assisting you in selecting the options you desire. If you just want to ride through and be on your way, that’s your choice. If you want to wash the exterior and then pull over to a spacious after-wash space to vacuum your car and do any follow-up, that’s available, too, at no additional charge. Your basic exterior wash starts at just $7.

However, if you want additional services, there are a host of options from which to choose, including interior vacuuming,  washing your windows, carpet shampooing and wheel and tire cleaning 

Max doesn’t advertise it as a full detail service in deference to true detailers. I can tell you, though, that the full service at WashYourWayRVA costs considerably less than a complete detail. “We call it an affordable alternative to detailing,” Max tells me.

However you choose to have your car washed, you can be assured that Max and his staff are committed to doing it your way. “We have a great team who enjoy what they do,” he assures me.

WashYourWayRVA also offers unlimited monthly service, loyalty programs and fleet service. Check their website for more info.

You may not be in love with the idea of having to wash your car, but when it needs a good wash (and it probably does right now, doesn’t it?), isn’t it nice to know that you can have it washed by folks who truly love what they do?

Steve Cook
Author: Steve Cook