Friedman Law Firm: Caring About People Comes First


You may know of Rick Friedman from his family law firm here in Richmond, but before he was helping families, he was writing catchy theme songs for MTV.

At one time, the theme songs for 40 of the 48 shows running on MTV’s lineup, including Ashton Kutcher’s famous prank show Punk’d, were written by either Rick or his brother, Brian.

His colorful background just goes to show you that Rick, as well as his staff at Friedman Law Firm, aren’t simply walking law books in suits; they’re people with interesting lives. While not everyone at the firm was writing tunes for MTV in a previous life, they’re all there now because they want to be there, because they want to help.

Rick, who initially went into music side of legal work, eventually switched to the family law. “After becoming an attorney, I realized what a majority of what entertainment attorneys did was contract work,’’ he says. “By accident, I ended up doing divorce cases, and I loved it.”

He was immediately drawn to the impact that a family law attorney could have in someone’s life. “When you help people in divorce and family law, you can affect less people, but help them a whole lot,’’ explains Rick, who has turned that desire to help into a successful 20-year career with a thriving firm of 10 dedicated attorneys.

This unique perspective on what makes a successful family law attorney team is rooted squarely in customer care. “Make sure they first and foremost care about people,” he says. “And secondly, that they’re great lawyers.” Friedman and his team use their first meeting with clients as an opportunity to educate them on the entire process, so rather than having families strung along for the ride, they can become a part of the team and work with the attorneys every step of the way. Not only does it help families to understand the process, it takes a lot of the stress away. When talking about his practice and his team of attorneys, Rick does it with the utmost pride and confidence in their abilities. “It’s people that care, and the way that we help is through law.”

Josh Young
Author: Josh Young