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Find the Fun Stuff at Swim-N-Pools


In almost every neighborhood, kids will know of the one house on the block where everyone wants to hang out. You can probably pick those houses out simply by looking for the pool. Kids are like moths to a flame when it comes to friends’ houses when there is a pool involved. For the McDaniels, that was their house, and their summertime hotspot would soon turn into their family business.

Josh McDaniel – son of owners Gail and Cliff, as well as general manager of Swim-N-Pools – remembers his childhood home fondly as the place where family and friends wanted to be. “I remember every year having a big party with all of their friends, and all of my friends, just being around the pool,’’ he recalled. “Every year was just a big get-together in our backyard.” According to Josh, there’s nothing like having summer fun available at home. He never needed to go to an amusement park to have an incredible summer experience with his friends. The McDaniel’s have taken that passion for summer fun and home luxury, and turned it into Chesterfield’s hub for all things needed to get your pool up and running, as well as practically anything else you would want to add to a summer party with friends.

Swim-N-Pools has expanded a lot over its 30-year lifespan, but the focus has remained consistent, according to Aaron Shifflett, a store manager, who also is a family member. “Everything we sell is a family product,” he says. “Everything we do brings people together.” Whether it’s hot tubs, pools, grills, games or the services to keep it all running, they bring families and friends closer together. There’s a running family motto that their store allows people to “get away without leaving home.”

As the mercury creeps up over the next few weeks, I asked Josh and Aaron what they would say was the best way to spend a summer day, and it was no surprise that they said grilling by the pool with the family.

I think it’s clear to say that in a culture of constant distractions from uninterrupted family time, the McDaniels not only offer great service, but they can dish out some good advice as well. Josh wants to pass on his own family experiences and summer-time memories that were started by his own dad. “We sell fun stuff here,” he explains. “And we all love what we do.”

Swim-N-Pools  |  11210 Iron Bridge Rd., Chester  |  804-748-4330


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