Enjoy Summer Beers at Legend Brewing

When someone says “summer beer,” you likely already have something in mind- the classic pale ale or crisp lager that you turn to every year come June and July. When the mercury climbs to 95 or 96, it’s easy to return to those old favorites, or to those mass market options you can grab on the way to a barbecue. However, before you grab the can you’ve had too many times to count, raise your bar a bit for your summer beer standards.

Legend Brewing is pushing the idea of what constitutes a great summer beer. Legend’s Durron Tyre says this is in part due to their approach to all of their beers. “Beer culture is ever changing,” he says. Breweries have sprung up all over America for the last few decades, and so have hundreds of varieties of beers. He goes on to say that, they want to build off of their foundationally good brewing, and “breathe some new life into our beers.” That’s where we find The Fair Cross Raspberry Saison. Bringing berries into the mix can be hit or miss for me when it comes to beer, but they get it right with this saison. It’s light in body with a dry finish, with the perfect amount of raspberry tartness. This one will almost certainly make its way into your summer plans. I personally would encourage any drinkers to sample this on their patio overlooking the James, but drink it however you like.

As the oldest micro-brewery in Richmond, Legend has established a strong lineup of good beers. Their Z-Dam Ale is a huge hit in the seasonal options in Richmond, and their Spring Pale Ale is a good choice for those looking for a milder drink with some fresh citrus kick. But the Raspberry Saison filling in another slot in their Urban Legend series is a great example of their passion for progress. However, if you’re a stick-to-your-guns type of beer drinker, Legend is also releasing some variations off of their flagship brown ale-some change, but not too much. Currently you can find their Vanilla Bean Brown Ale variation on tap. Needless to say, you’ve got some drinking options. In a city where you can throw a pint glass and hit the next brewery, it’s great to see brewmasters in Richmond pushing the envelope.

Legend Brewing Company  |  321 W. 7th St., Richmond  |  LegendBrewing.com

Josh Young
Author: Josh Young