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Beautify Your Home and Increase Curb Appeal by Starting at the Top


Well-manicured lawns and bright, colored shingles and shutters usually take center stage when it comes to curb appeal. But when considering the value of your home, almost nothing is as important as your roof. A dirty, unmaintained roof isn’t just unsightly. Insurance companies are actually cancelling policies because of the dirt and moss that grow on the roof, which over time, may cause expensive damage that they don’t want to pay for. So what’s a homeowner supposed to do? Well, the savvy ones give American Roof Brite (ARB) a call.

According to Google, Better Business Bureau, Richmond Time-Dispatch, R•Home and Facebook, ARB is the highest rated roof cleaner. And it’s for good reason. For more than 40 years, ARB has cleaned and protected thousands of roofs with their patented High Volume and Low Pressure (HVLP) process. So, they know exactly how to ensure that you have the cleanest possible roof.  These folks are true professionals. They don’t just fiddle around on your roof.

“This proprietary cleaning system uses a special tool called the Roof Rover to gently rinse roof shingles,” explains Robert Sawyer, owner of ARB. “Unlike other companies, who stand on the ground and shoot bleach, acid, peroxide and other harmful chemicals onto the roof, we actually get on top of the roof to see exactly where algae, fungus, moss and lichen are growing.”

Arb cleans the roof shingles first by spraying Roof Color Restorer on to the roof . Then with the Roof Rover Arb is able to gently rinse fungus away, freeing the roof of all debris, dirt and decades of environmental build-up. Once the roof is sparkling clean, then, it is treated with environmentally safe, EPA-approved Stain BlockTM. This non-hazardous, transparent formula consists of a mold & fungus preventative and ground minerals that prevent the re-growth of algae, fungus, moss and lichen. Such a process is great for homeowners who want to keep their insurance intact.

But the benefits don’t stop there. ARB offers a transferable, lifetime warranty that has them returning to your home every two to three years to re-treat your roof with Stain BlockTM to help prevent the future growth of algae, mold, fungus, moss and lichen. Continued treatment with Stain BlockTMmeans you only have to get the roof cleaned one time. And ARB is the only roof cleaning company that offers this proprietary Stain BlockTM.

The benefits of a great roof cleaning go well past curb appeal. Knowing that you have a beautiful, clean roof does more than just help you sleep better. It helps you breathe better. The removal of mold means fewer spores being released around your home, making for much cleaner in-home air quality. Plus, a clean, light-colored roof helps cool the home in the summertime, reducing energy costs. But whatever your reason, when you’re in the market for having your roof cleaned, give American Roof Brite a call. It’s a dirty job and they know how to do it. Let them take this time-consuming chore off your plate. Your roof and your insurance company will thank you for it.

For more info, phone 804-553-1563 or online at

Ashley Jefferson is the editor-in-chief of River City Style. She currently lives in the Arts District with her fiance, and her Maltese-mix named Asha.


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