A Moving Concern

In order to create and head Boomers Transitions, a West End-based business that specializes in assisting seniors with their transition and relocation needs, Elton Brown (CEO of the company) had to make a life-changing transition of his own. He was formerly a professional basketball player, but he left the court for two meaningful reasons. The first was to be with his wife and children, but, he shares, “even more than that I saw an opportunity to fulfill a need for people who may not necessarily be able to make life-stage transitions for themselves.” For Brown, this cause is extremely personal. His grandmother had a difficult transition, which instilled in him a passion for softening this process for other seniors. Brown remarks, “My mission is to make the moving process as pleasurable and effortless as possible.” While Boomers Transitions does offer moving services to clients of any age, they specialize in aiding seniors through a time that can otherwise be very tumultuous. 

The value of Boomers Transitions extends far past removing clutter and calling it a day. Brown describes the decluttering process as, “extremely emotional.” There are many types of clutter that people carry with them aside from the physical, like social, emotional and financial clutter, which can be overwhelming and unsettling for seniors to deal with. As Brown puts it, “People see their possessions as an extension of themselves which can make it extremely challenging to detach from these possessions.” The folks of Boomers Transitions are experts in all facets of the decluttering process, and they believe that it is essential to many aspects of daily life such as positive mental health, visual processing and healthier eating. 

There is one more aspect of Boomers Transitions that is very personal to Brown, and that is his involvement in the fight against Alzheimer’s. Brown has seen the impact the disease has had on friends and family members. For every service completed, Boomers Transitions donates $50 towards the fight, and they also support The Walk to End Alzheimer’s. 

Boomers Transitions has been making the moving process smoother for our senior community, and it all began with one man and his passion for giving back. For more information, visit online at BoomersTransitions.com.

Cosima Pellis
Author: Cosima Pellis